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It's time to find creative solutions to help fight #Coronavirus.

Fighting COVID-19 Hackathon

Result will be declared on Midnight 20th April, 2020

e-Yantra urges our young polytechnic /science/ engineering students across the country to find innovative solutions for addressing the challenges of COVID-19 and its spread.

It's time to find creative solutions to help fight #Coronavirus.

e-Yantra has touched thousands of lives over 10+ years through robotics training and lab setup initiatives. It is only natural that when the country is faced with the enormous challenge of COVID-19 knocking at our doors that we turn to our young innovators to help devise a response to the challenges of COVID-19.

As COVID-19 becomes a matter of global concern, we’re taking proactive measures to help minimise the chances of spread of the coronavirus. The safety of people across the country and abroad is a matter of top priority. How might we protect our families in the fight against the COVID-19.

Another large problem is the availability of ventilators.

For these reasons and more, we have launched a hackathon for our young engineers to help us find innovative solutions to identify ways to prevent the incidence of COVID-19. We need all sorts of solutions to help our people cope. Authorities are dealing with many problems but we’re certain you’re already acquainted with many of them - some are outlined here. We believe you can think of many more…

    Our hackathon thus aims to:
  • - Solicit innovative solutions for the healthcare challenges we face due to COVID-19
  • - Bring together India’s young generation to learn, upskill, compete and showcase their skills

We have been training young “e-Yantriks” through our various initiatives. e-Yantra Robotics Competition has been training young engineers in complex engineering skills. e-Yantra Ideas Competition has been training students in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. e-Yantra labs - all 380+ labs across the country - have been changing the culture of the host colleges and we’re beginning to see green-shoots of startups at colleges having e-Yantra labs.

Although the virus is somewhat like the Influenza virus, its mortality rate is about 10 times higher and it is 2-3 times as infectious than normal Flu viruses. We know the virus is especially dangerous to people above the age of 60yrs so it is critical we protect elders from infection. Countries such as Italy, Iran and now UK/Germany with high proportions of older people are facing high levels of mortality due to COVID-19.

How might we prevent our older population from getting exposed to this virus. How might we prevent our younger generation from the virus so that they don’t spread it to their elders? Prevention is better than cure. How might we use technology to avert such transmission?

Prevention is better than cure. To make it worse, a person may be a carrier without having symptoms on merely encountering a COVID positive person. Young people may be asymptomatic but pass it onto elders in their family thereby causing grave problems.

There is a low-cost MIT open source design but manufacturing, testing, certifying and maintaining it is presently a challenge. However, say we were able to build and deploy such ventilators, how might we build IoT systems to monitor large numbers of patients with few and scarce doctors?

  • - Authorities mark the hands of incoming international passengers with “home quarantine” indelible seals but still some people violate the quarantine and wander in public spaces endangering others
  • - The last few days have seen a massive exodus of migrant labour leaving metros for their villages in UP, Bihar, W. Bengal, etc. There is a possibility that they may end up infecting people in their villages.
  • - A fallout that needs to be tackled is how to deal with the humanitarian crisis of these migrants being stranded or facing hardships en route to their villages.
  • - Once they reach their villages, how will they keep body and soul together with the loss of primary income?
  • - When people need hospitalisation - be it in cities or small towns, how may we find beds?
  • - If we are to quarantine bad cases at home due to lack of hospital beds how do we cope? How might doctors remotely help us cope with homecare?
  • These are just a few of the scenarios the country might have to confront in the next few weeks. There might be more problems and situations that we have yet to think of - which our young innovators might be able to identify, articulate and design a solution for.


Do you have the answer? Check out the challenges and formulate your solutions.

The eventual solution could be an app, a web-based solution or an embedded system or IoT based solution. You or your team (upto 4-strong) needs to articulate a problem and design and develop a solution to fight COVID-19. We are limited only by our imagination.

Before you do so please keep in mind some important points.

Important: Before you proceed, be sure to do a search on “prior art” or discover what has been done before. If you do wish to “re-invent the wheel” there should be a good reason such as to extend the functionality or incorporating India-specific features. Don’t waste your time copying something already in the marketplace - we won’t be impressed by that. Try and articulate a new problem related to COVID-19. Or find a solution that is novel.

    Who can take part?

  1. Open for tech-savvy, coders, developers and hackathon enthusiasts from full time Engineering/ Science/ Polytechnic colleges.
  2. An individual or upto four member students team can participate.
Activity Start Date End Date
Registration March 29th, 2020 April 2nd, 2020
Video and Code Submission April 1st, 2020 April 10th, 2020
Results April 20th, 2020
  1. A student can be part of only one application.
  2. Address a current challenge/threat posed by the growing pandemic of COVID 19.
  3. Deadline for registration is April 2nd, 2020.
  4. Deadline for video submission is April 10th, 2020.
  5. Video entry must be as per the format given on the portal.
  6. Video submission must be less than or equal to 5 minutes.
  7. More weightage is given to a complete application.
  8. Avoid plagiarism. Copying is strongly discouraged.
  9. The evaluation decision of e-Yantra is final and binding and totally a discretion of e-Yantra.
  10. e-Yantra retains all rights to the entries.
  11. Obscenity will lead to disqualification. Remember, we’re trying to put out positive vibes.
  12. e-Yantra retains the right to use video entries submitted for promotion purposes.
  13. In case of any dispute/discrepancies e-Yantra’s decision is final and binding.
NOTE: e-Yantra reserves the right to change any or all of the rules as it deems fit. Any change in rules will be highlighted on the website and notified to participants.

    Prize Worth: Rs. 50000 + (Internship and Job Opportunity)

  1. Winners will receive exciting cash prizes.
  2. 4th year students may even get an opportunity of being interviewed by e-Yantra for a project staff position.
  3. Solutions of Hackathon winners may be deployed for the benefit of the community.
  4. Team members from successful entries will be given certificates and an opportunity to intern with e-Yantra this summer.

Applicants must implement the solution and submit the solution in the Video Submission section by uploading a YouTube link of the solution (as per the Video Submission Template) and the GitHub link of the project in Code Submission Section.

  1. Low Cost Portable Mechanical Ventilator
  2. https://arxiv.org/pdf/2003.08567.pdf
Yes, absolutely. Hackathon is open for an individual also.
Yes, absolutely. You can participate as an individual or a team of upto four students. The individuals may be from different colleges and/or departments.
e-Yantra will not provide any components. Students have to come up with ways so that they can work from home.
The idea implementation can be an app, web based or embedded system. The final solution will be considered for evaluation.
On successful registration, individuals will receive an Acknowledgement Mail. There can be any of the following reasons:
  • You may have entered a wrong email address
  • Email is stored in Spam folder due to email settings
If any member’s email ID is incorrect or would like to add more members to the team, due to the time restriction we have not provided this feature in the registration stage. We will resolve these issues after Video and Code submission.